Sign Rock Mud Bog

Vernon Hill, Virginia

Sign Rock Mud Bog
Vernon Hill, Virginia
Class Rules:
Please Read them....
They will be enforced.

We will run 1 pass in each class except Iron X and Mega.

Iron X and Mega will make two passes and combine the time.

Trucks Must be in the staging area when the class is called.

All vehicles MUST have brakes and reverse.

Officials have final say on running.

Helmets and seat belts / harnesses must be worn.

Boots or fire shoes must be worn in all classes.

No shorts can be worn.

Super stock must wear at a minimum a fire jacket

Modified and up must wear fire suit. Pants and jacket.

All batteries and fuel cells must be secured with metal straps.

Fuel cells must be separated from driver. If running a blazer or bronco or jeep for example,
The fuel cell must be in a compartment to itself. (Box)

All trucks should have a roll cage. Super stock and up WILL be required to have a roll cage.

No cutting up outside of the pits.

Being safe and having fun is rule # 1

If you have a question about any rule or think that something on your vehicle may be questionable or you do not see a rule that applies. Call, don’t assume it will be ok. Any vehicle that is questionable WILL be put in the next class up.

Street Stock Class

Strictly Stock
No Mods except Lift, Headers, Aluminum Intakes, and Bolt ons are OK
Must Have Full Exhaust with Mufflers
Must Have Seat Belts
Truck Must have Tags
Truck Must be able to pass Va state inspection
You Will Be Asked To Crank Your Truck During Inspection.
If The Truck Is Idling Rough, It Better Be Skipping
No V8 Swaps in small trucks
No aluminum heads unless factory.
Fuel cells allowed BUT the factory tank must be in place unless the factory tank was in the cab of truck.
Must have a front bumper
No gutted interiors
If the truck or engine is questionable you will be bumped to
Mod street.
Street class can step up to run Mod street.

Mod Street Class

38.5" and under dot tires only.
Stock appearing bodies only, minimal cutting for the clearance only
Body must match the wheel base.
Firewall cannot be cut, relocated, or reshaped.
No gutting of driver’s compartment. Must have factory dash and both door panels.
After market gauges with no factory gauge cluster okay.
Must have full floor in bed and wheel wells, flatbeds must be track approved.
Headlights and taillights required (non-operational okay)
Drive must sit in stock location.
All vehicles should have roll cage.
Must have seat belts or at least 4-point harness.
Must have fire extinguisher
Full uncut factory frame front to rear.
Factory type suspension only. Aftermarket lift kits allowed (no removal of leaf springs allowed, no fiberglass leaf springs allowed),
Independent front suspension swap to stock type leaf or coil sprint is acceptable.
Ladder bars or traction bars allowed (no 4 link, 3 link, floaters, or coil over shocks).
Front and rear differentials, transmission and transfercase must be stock type and location.
No coil overs.
V-8 conversions allowed in mini trucks but if a conversion is done it must be a small block.
Big blocks are allowed in full size trucks only.
Factory steel blocks only. No aluminum blocks.
No aftermarket blocks.
No aluminum heads .
Single gas carb only. All carbs subject to track approval.
No dominator carbs.
No sheet metal intakes. No tunnel ram intakes.
Factory OEM fuel injection only.
Engine must be mounted in stock location only. No engine set back.
Radiator must be in factory location.
Any header allowed. Fender header must have turn downs.
No nitrous oxide, methanol, or aftermarket fuel additives.
Fuel cell must be mounted in bed or away from the driver.
Mod street can step up to super stock

Super Stock and 4 & 6 CylinderClass

Must Be Street Appearance
Must Have Full Factory Frame, length and width
Must Have Full Factory Body (Length and Width)
No gutted beds.
Must have solid bed floor that will support weight and have wheel wells
Can run track approved flat bed
Body swaps vehicles are allowed but they have to run a small block
No big blocks allowed in body swap trucks or small /mid-size trucks
No 3 or 4 Links
Must have at least 3 leaf springs
Factory Frames only. No extended frames.
Stock Wheel Base for Body of the Truck
Tires must be centered with in the wheel wells
Factory location for engine, transmission and axles
Aftermarket motor mounts / transmission mounts may be used.
No engine set back
The harmonic balancer MUST be over or in front of the front axle tube
The radiator must be in the front of the truck.
No radiators allowed in the truck bed.
Factory style transfer case only. No drop boxes
No Nitrous, Blowers, Alcohol, Methanol, Turbos or Superchargers
No Cut Tires (DOT Approved Only- No Cuts of Any Kind)
Must Have 4-Point Harness
Must have roll cage or approved roll bar
Exhaust Must Exit Engine Compartment
No Aftermarket BIG Blocks
Single carburetor set up only
No sheet metal intakes or tunnel rams.
Must wear fire jacket.
Must Have Fire Extinguisher
Must Have Solid Recovery Device
Driver Must Be In Stock Location
Officials Have Final Say on Running
Must Have Drive Shaft Loops
4&6 Cylinder Class Is Not Required To Have The 4-Point Harness or drive shaft loops.
Fender well headers (straight out of fenders) Must have a 45 or
some type of deflector so exhaust is not directed toward the crowd in case of engine failure

Modified Class

Must wear fire suit.
No aluminum blocks
Any transfer case
Must have roll cage
Must retain 80% stock frame
Any type body
No Coil overs
No 4 links
Must be leaf spring rear and leaf spring or coil spring and radius arm front suspension
Alcohol allowed
No nitrous, superchargers, Nitro methane fuels or turbo chargers
Must have 4 point harness
Must have drive shaft loops
Must have fire extinguisher
Can be center seated
Engine can be set back no more than 12” from the center of the balancer to the center of the front axle tube
No cut tires.

Modified/ Super Stock XX

Trucks in this class MUST comply with Modified or
Super Stock class rules
Can Run Cut Tires and or Tractor tires, No Scoops or paddles
No Nitro methane fuels, Super chargers or turbos.
Nitrous is allowed.


Must wear fire suit
Anything goes as long as it is safe to run!
Must have full roll cage
Must have racing harness
Exhaust must exit engine compartment
Must have fire extinguisher
Must have drive shaft loops

Mega Class

Must have 2.5 ton axles or larger
Unlimited Class Rules Apply

Iron X

1 ton and smaller axles
Unlimited class rules apply

Any Questions on Rules or Classes Call Hugh-e Williams 434-944-4218


Thank you 


Bob Carter


1166 Cheerful Lane
Vernon Hill, VA 24597